• China: Grain to Pixel - CHEN Man
  • China: Grain to Pixel - HAN Lei
  • Grain to Pixel 004 - YAO Lu
  • Grain to Pixel 003 - LI Jiahao
  • Grain to Pixel 002 - LUO Dan
  • Grain to Pixel 001 - SONG Chao

CHINA: grain to pixel

MGA is the exclusive Australian venue for this major exhibition of Chinese photography. Developed by the Shanghai Centre of Photography (SCôP), the exhibition offers an intriguing insight into the role that photography has played in the evolution of Chinese culture over the past 150 years, from early ethnographic photography and communist propaganda through to the internationally acclaimed work of contemporary Chinese artists. Following its launch at MGA, China: grain to pixel will continue on a global tour that includes venues in Belgium and Russia.

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