2016 Finalists

Charlie BARKER

Artist statement: Loneliness is very much a part of the human condition; particularly in this age of supposed ‘connectedness’ through social media. For me mobile photography has been a great way to escape that feeling – even if just for a fleeting moment. This has naturally become a recurring theme in my work – making one person the subject of my intention – although often not a deliberate decision on my part.

I’ve captured the youngest tapper of the Glamour Puss Studios Tap Dancing Academy. I hid in the shadows, watching her create a game with the spotlights before the end-of-year show at the National Theatre in St Kilda.

Using a phone enables many captures that would otherwise never ‘exist’. The image was shot with an iphone6S.


Private dancer  2015
from the series Going it alone
chromogenic print
20.7 x 20.7 cm
courtesy of the artist


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