2016 Finalists

Rachel Sara BROMBERG

Artist statement: The series Impermanence explores changes in the structure and image of the film negative when exposed to the natural elements, compared with traditional darkroom techniques.

A box of redundant client wedding negatives (2-1/4 square inch and 35 mm) was placed outdoors for many months. Most negatives were partially or completely transfigured. The dyes in some negatives bled over and concealed the lines of the uncut negative strips, giving the appearance of a single elongated frame. Some negatives retain only traces of the original image.

The outcomes were often similar to those achieved in the darkroom. However, the film negatives and images have been transformed into abstractions. In both processes, the excitement of seeing an image for the first time is magical.

Car shot of bride  2016
from the series Impermanence
chromogenic print
112.0 x 59.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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