2016 Finalists

Stuart CHAPE

Artist statement: I am an environmental and social photographer, undertaking a range of assignments but specialising in aerial photography, which I have been doing for more than 30 years. My objective is to capture the reality of aerial perspectives in a way that not only reveals patterns and designs but also the relationship of humans to nature and the built environment, as well as the beauty of nature seen from above. I have won a number of awards and my images have been exhibited in many countries.

This image is part of a series of aerial photographs of Tonle Sap Lake, taken in Cambodia in 2016. The aim of the series is to capture the unusual pattern of human settlement of Chong Kneas floating village at the north-eastern end of the lake, and to portray the geometric designs of the houses, boats and arrow‚Äźshaped fish traps that are imposed on the lake surface. The lake itself, in the middle of the dry season, presents a palette of muddy browns and gold sheens in the setting sun, with swirls of dark algal green.

Tonle Sap 2  2016
from the series Tonle Sap aerials
pigment ink-jet print
50.2 x 80.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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