2016 Finalists

Michelle DOHERTY

Artist statement: ‘Indy’s window’ was created in Watson, Canberra and is part of ongoing work that investigates concepts of identity and connectedness through the expression of self in a particular place.

My relationship with the subjects – human and animal – allows an easy collaboration as we cross over photographer-subject zones. This reciprocity enables me to witness and create an image of an authentic moment in time.

I am committed to creating work that toys with the notion of truth, yet I recognise that while I can suggest a moment, I cannot pin down a life in a single image.

As such, my portrait work reflects the start of a conversation rather than the conclusion.


Indy's window  2015
from the series You cannot pin down a life
pigment ink-jet print
60.0 x 85.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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