Past Exhibitions

Photographic Abstractions

1 August 2012 to 30 September 2012

Drawing on MGA’s nationally significant collection of Australian photographs, as well as loans from key practitioners, this exhibition highlights works by artists who use photography to achieve abstract effects. These effects have been realised through a number of techniques and methods that challenge ideas about photography and open up a photographic language that is less concerned with documentation and more concerned with engaging the senses, exciting the imagination and challenging the way we look at the world around us.

Current Exhibitions

  • LIGHT READING: works from the MGA collection
  • Dreams and imagination: light in the modern city
  • Photography talks to painting: a conversation between Wilbow and MGA collections  
  • The Photobook Club's Natural Collection

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • TOPshots 2014-15 award & exhibition  | VCE Art, Media, Studio Arts & IB Visual Arts

Past Exhibitions

Travelling Exhibitions

  • Photographic abstractions
  • PHOTOGRAPHY MEETS FEMINISM: Australian women photographers 1970s–80s
  • The Rennie Ellis Show
  • Transcendence: photographs by David Stephenson
  • Rod McNicol: Memento Mori

Bowness Prize

  • 2013 Bowness Photography Prize
  • 2012 Bowness Photography Prize
  • William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize 2011
  • William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize 2010
  • William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize 2009
  • William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize 2008
  • William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize 2007
  • William and Winifred Bowness photography prize 2006
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