2019 Finalists

Céleste CEBRA

Artist statement: Working with photography, my artistic practice aims to address the relationship humans have with material things, the agency of objects, and the built environment. By mirroring photographic tropes, my work examines the illusionistic properties of the picture plane and the medium’s aptitude for fantasy.

In my studio, I compile still lifes using thrifted and discarded items, found detritus and representations of vernacular architecture. These simultaneously quotidian and fanciful images consider the empathy and apathy people have for material items and their environs.

This examination of objects, along with my nascent glassmaking practice, has sparked a deep interest in transparent matter and the role it plays in containment, vision and reflection.



Céleste CEBRA
Logan Square stack I, August 30  2018
from the series Urban shells
pigment ink-jet print
127.0 x 101.6 cm
courtesy of the artist


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