2019 Finalists

Louis LIM

Artist statement: Australia is formed by diverse cultures that have transformed, evolved and adapted to our current modern melting-pot society. Underlying our social structures are rituals practiced through our daily life, and a universal routine is our mealtime experience.

Reflecting over my personal encounters, as I grew older and more independent, dinnertime has morphed from a daily family-bonding occasion to a practical self-feeding exercise. While attending friends’ dinner parties, I was opened to glimpses of other family lifestyles and cultures. In this image, I observed how the Chiang family, with a Taiwanese heritage, has shaped their dinner experience within Australia. The work wishes to share and reveal our mundane practices that form us, and our Australian society.



Louis LIM
Chiang family  2018
from the series Over a meal
pigment ink-jet print
60.0 x 90.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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