2020 Finalists


Artist statement: Small acts of resistance is a series featuring subjects who defy normative notions of kinship and identity as a mode of survival within Australia. Against a backdrop of social and ecological precarity, these interconnected life-ways reflect small but vital acts of resistance. Presented as a triptych, the series references the trifold frames of both the traditional family portrait and religious icon.

Here the conventional concepts of family are challenged in a hyper-visual tableau vivant. In this portrait, two fathers and loving friends make up the familial support network around the newborn. The intertwined objects and botanics reflect the personal and cultural through-lines that knit the family and its many stories of diasporic and queer unions together.

Family portrait  2020
from the series Small acts of resistance
pigment ink-jet prints
99.0 x 270.0 cm
courtesy of the artist and Tolarno Galleries (Melbourne)


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