2020 Finalists

Christophe CANATO

Artist statement: My work is oriented towards the male gender and his equity to cultural or sexual orientation groups. I question the notion of belonging or rejection and the status that man is supposed to hold in society.

With Anima, I am exploring the inner feminine side of a man. According to psychologist Carl Jung the anima is both a personal complex and an archetype that expresses the fact that male psyche has a minority of feminine qualities.

The imaginary skin colours such as blue, green, red or white give human beings an extraordinary character with codified powers making references to codes recognisable by all. Thus, blue skin refers to wisdom such as Krishna Indian divinity, green people are mythical leprechauns …


Anima #2  2020
from the series Anima
pigment ink-jet print
110.0 x 110.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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