2020 Finalists

Benjamin COLE

Artist statement: Caughtsumption looks to creatively interpret the raw destruction and impact commercial fishing practices and its plastic waste are having on our environment. I have created the series to be alluring, with a sense of unease, drawing attention to this global issue.

‘Caughtsumption 10’ specifically explores the damaging effect that plastic waste has on our oceans. I have expressed this by featuring decaying roses set behind distressed plastic in a sculptural manner. The rose, a symbol of love and beauty, represents the innocence of the ocean, being peeled away and destroyed. The plastic consumes, distorts and changes the view of the rose, playing on the destruction of its beauty.


Caughtsumption 10  2021
from the series Caughtsumption
pigment ink-jet print
80.0 x 120.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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