2020 Finalists

Tamara DEAN

Artist statement: As our daily lives suddenly transformed due to COVID-19 I embraced this period of self-isolation using my photographic process as a form of escapism from my pandemic induced anxieties.

I have been creating a series of photographs in private gardens, using myself as the figurative element in the landscape. At times emboldened, at times fleeing from an invisible threat. Reflecting the dual aspects of my psychological response to the virus and the social isolation – from a feeling of claustrophobia and anxiety, to a sense of release.

Introverted by nature, here I am seen retreating and burying myself back into a blossom.


Introversion  2020
from the series High jinks in the hydrangeas
pigment ink-jet print
120.0 x 160.0 cm
courtesy of the artist and Michael Reid (Sydney + Berlin)


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