2020 Finalists

Marian DREW

Artist statement: Representational strategies carry embedded notions of how we think about and conceive the world around us. The long history of the ‘still life’ in painting and photography has portrayed shifts in philosophical and scientific conceptions of the world, played out in pictorial space. Tearing photographs and reconstituting them in new compositions, I intend to reference photography’s shared history with painting and collage, shifted notions of spacetime, as well as the cut and paste of contemporary photographic processes. Extending photographic exposure presents an opportunity to enact the image through a series of events, a dance that takes place through space and time in the form of light.


Cabbage, pears, longans  2021
from the series Interior geologies
pigment ink-jet print
50.0 x 72.0 cm
courtesy of the artist, THIS IS NO FANTASY (Melbourne), Michael Reid (Sydney) and Andrew Baker Art Dealer (Brisbane)


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