2020 Finalists


Artist statement: In our meat-eating household, there are many representations of animals on our walls and shelves.

This concertina series ties in with my thinking about climate change, the degradation of the environment and its impact on all animals. And to our political/cultural assumption that as humans we are the top species.

The series is about what animals give back to us, how we write about them, worship them, make them our companions, how we paint and photograph them, how we use them as national symbols while at the same time eliminating their habitat

Do we have an existence without them?


Koala  2020
from the series Thankyou for showing us your curios
pigment ink-jet print
12.0 x 72.0 cm
courtesy of the artist

[Ceramic koala: Ponch Hawkes, Blinky Bill and Mrs Koala: Dorothy Wall, 3D print model: Jha Does, Koala heads to Edinburgh Zoo: Qantas (photographer unknown), Koala gets a drink: (photographer unknown), Bushfires: Brad Fleet]


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