2020 Finalists

Joseph HÄXAN

Artist statement: I am my own/only model in my works. I believe the lonely nature of this process can be felt in the images I make, instilling scenes otherwise interpreted to be exploitative with a sense of solitary contemplation. My images strip bodies of their common context, presenting them at the level of their surrounds. Our rites and rituals are reduced by nature. Its indifferent equality exposes these practices as physiological processes, no different to any other on earth. Death, our body’s final ritual of earthly unification, can be a powerful experience of this fact. Juxtaposing the freedom of this realisation with the omnipotent gaze of the viewer, ‘Pond body’ raises questions about our will to govern the nature of our internal and external world.


Pond body  2020
from the series The rite of spring
pigment ink-jet print
80.0 x 80.0 cm
courtesy of the artist and GAGPROJECTS (Adelaide + Berlin)


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