2020 Finalists


Artist statement: For me the veracity of a photograph lies more in its recording of moments in time than its optical verisimilitude. But time is a paradox – only the present is truly real for us, and the only constant is change. Drowned by Tasmania’s Hydro Electric Commission in 1972, I never saw the original Lake Pedder, and I have only experienced it through representations and recounted memories of others. Looking across the Serpentine impoundment's waters, waiting in stillness beneath a star-filled night sky and morning fogs, I imagine the extraordinary Lake Pedder of the past feeding the ancient meanderings of the Serpentine River, and I dream of its possible futures.


Looking up the drowned valley of the Serpentine River to the imagined Lake Pedder, 23–24 May 2021  2021
from the series Timeslice
pigment ink-jet print
101.6 x 140.4 cm
courtesy of the artist and Bett Gallery (Hobart)


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