2020 Finalists

Cyrus TANG

Artist statement: I started this project during the Melbourne lockdowns, during which I was unable to access my studio. But this provided me with the opportunity to focus on photography for over two years. I found myself observing the Australian landscape from an immigrant’s or stranger's perspective. I was particularly interested in subtle changes within particular places that I would return to repeatedly over this period, changes that became evident when photographing scenes with similar compositions or motifs. I then built up the images in layers as I tried to register their points of coincidence as if these were anchors in my memory. Every single image then became submerged in reverberations and vibrations of memory. I was recording time going by in the lockdowns – passing me by – as these changes accumulated with the repetitions, like echoes. I think of this kind of repetition as contemplation, as a way to increase the awareness of being.


Tree study 2  2022
from the series Time fell asleep in the evening rain
pigment ink-jet print
80.0 x 80.0 cm
courtesy of the artist and ARC ONE Gallery (Melbourne)


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