2022 Finalists

Arini BYNG

Artist statement: Some voices carry seeks to reflect the multiplicity of Black life, and my tandem connection to and disconnection from it. Looking to navigate my way back, I open a window onto familial histories and intimacies and find that the only way back is through my parents’ camera lens.

The last excursion the family took together before we moved to Australia was to Virginia Beach. The photograph is of my cousins and uncle.

My father drew my attention to the other figure in the photograph, the white man on the right edge of the photograph. He wondered whether the look on the man's face was one of disapproval of a mixed-race couple, or if he was simply squinting because of the sunny glare in his eyes.

My father says that there are far more mixed-race couples in the United States of America now but the people who disapprove are far more likely to be loudly, abrasively vocal about their disapproval. He also says that life has taught him not to assume what the man on the right edge of the photograph may have been thinking.


Virginia Beach  2022
from the series Some voices carry
pigment ink-jet print
27.0 x 38.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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