2022 Finalists


Artist statement: ‘Colour fall’ takes inspiration from hand-tinted daguerreotypes. Fusing realist pictorial painting and photography, hand colourists applied a patina of colour and gold with delicate application and needle point precision to the surface of daguerreotypes, wet-plate processes and later, silver gelatin prints. When looking at a hand-tinted daguerreotype under a microscope, the pigments appear to cling to the plate’s surface in large smears and oblong globules. In my darkroom process, the light-sensitive substrate lies in stasis where properties of form and density are determined by the fall of the light and the agitation of shadows. ‘Colour fall’ renders colour in the first instance as tone while hand-applied dyes and pastels skin the surface, nudging at the contrast and asserting a play with the eye.


Colour fall  2022
from the series Haptic eye
gelatin silver prints, dyes and soft pastels
52.5 x 42.5 cm (each)
courtesy of the artist and Sous Les Etoiles Gallery (New York)


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