2022 Finalists

Tamara DEAN

Artist statement: We are running out of time. Bushfires, floods, drought … the increased frequency of these catastrophic events now terrifyingly real. Add a global pandemic and lockdowns and this is not a future I could ever have imagined.

I wonder how we will be able to adapt to rising water levels, to a changed climate, to a less inhabitable planet?

This series seeks to both highlight and provoke. Here the figure is hurtling towards an uncertain fate, much like Alice through the looking glass, as the world is turned on its head.

Our environment sits on the precipice of a tipping point. Now is the time to address destructive systems of consumption, to reimagine a new future.

I've always wondered when soon is  2022
from the series Palace of dreams
pigment ink-jet print
160.0 x 120.0 cm
courtesy of the artist and Michael Reid Gallery (Sydney + Berlin)


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