2022 Finalists


Artist statement: My work ‘Bourgeois cha cha #4’ considers the invisible cultural and geographical architectures we inhabit, in particular environments where colonial erasure and national mythologies have failed to turn space into ‘place’ as Australia remains both ‘unsettling and unsettled’. The landscape as image in my work, operates as a transitory metaphor for the spectral and precarious state of the Australian environment. It exists in an interim state of ghost hood, revealing the entropic ruinous present of post-colonial violence. The UV digital print on acrylic forced onto the customised industrial pallet enforces the active distress of place hood as a post-colonial commodity in an intervening act of visual dis(repair).

Bourgeois cha cha #4  2022
pigment ink-jet print on acrylic, plastic pallet
118.0 x 80.0 x 12.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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