2022 Finalists

Marian DREW

Artist statement: A pair of planar metal forms, bent at an angle, curve the imagined latent image. Fractal scaled stones escaping gravity focus the eye. Lens-based photographs make sense through a mapped geometry grounded in Western art history and scientific thought. The contemporary photograph that mimics the tradition is now computerised data, algorithmic, instantly networked. The World Wide Web and the Anthropocene are defining a new temporality for the human, situated in geologic time and virtual networks. ‘Before and after’, aims to accentuate the reciprocal and evolving actions of viewers, representation, objects and surrounds, an ode to rocks that tell foundation stories and that power and build our contemporary world.


Before and after  2022
from the series Skipping stones
dye sublimation print on aluminium
30.0 x 40.0 x 20.0 cm (each)
courtesy of the artist


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