2022 Finalists


Artist statement: Traffic police circle, exchanging hard stares with the car park outlaws lifting bonnets and revving engines. Devotees of car culture, known affectionately as rev-heads are a conspicuous presence in rural and remote Australia where the means is often the message. Once, street racing among the freshly licensed was all the rage but over time the disciples of smoke and spin were displaced by civil society. These days Friday night rituals are performed on remote highways where the most accomplished claim their 15 seconds of social media fame. Travellers who come to pay homage to the colour and light of central Australia must wonder at the rev-head manifestos that frame access roads to national parks and ancient sacred sites.

Disciples of smoke & spin  2021
from the series Roadkill cafe
pigment ink-jet print
60.0 x 150.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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