2022 Finalists


Artist statement: This work, called 'Ice has a memory, and the memory is blue', evolved from my AAD Fellowship at Casey Station, Antarctica in January 2022.

My work is always about bringing us into an intimate experience of nature, revealing our interconnected relationship with it. The experience and opportunity being within the nature of Antarctica was quite overwhelming.

This distilled within me an extreme experience of blueness and a haunting of the memory in ice, as I considered the dramatic climate change occurring there. Inside my studio in the science laboratory, I created experiments of melting glacial ice as a metaphor for the larger ice cap melts, these I have photographed to document very directly; they act as a record mapping the melting ice.


Ice has a memory, and the memory is blue  2022
from the series Ice has a memory, and the memory is blue, Antarctica
chromogenic print
120.0 x 180.0 cm
courtesy of the artist and ARC ONE Gallery (Melbourne)


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