2022 Finalists

Patrick POUND

Artist statement: The camera is a collecting machine that reduces the world to a list of things to photograph. I take up where photographers leave off.

To collect is to gather your thoughts through things. My work repurposes discarded family snaps, images from defunct newspaper archives and those dissembled from the cinema machine. All of the photographs are sourced on eBay, and come from across the globe. The internet is an enormous unhinged album. This work is an assembly of pairs of otherwise disconnected images. I treat the photo-collection as a medium and position the world as a puzzle. My work seems to say: if only we could find all the pieces, we might solve that puzzle. It’s a folly of course.

A baker's dozen 2022
from the series Portmanteaux
pigment ink-jet prints
64.0 x 49.0 cm (each pair)
courtesy of the artist and Station Gallery (Melbourne)


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