2022 Finalists

Ruiqi QIU

Artist statement: Since COVID-19 spread, the hate toward Chinese and Asian people increased. However, when my parents mentioned that the news of Asian people being attacked in Australia made them anxious, I had to lie to comfort them by saying that the discrimination and violence had been exaggerated by the media. During the lockdowns in Melbourne, I took some selfies in my room. I selected four moments and edited them to be a square grid photograph. Later, I duplicated the grid photograph and finally put 150 000 copies, which symbolised 600 000 moments in one layout. A human being is not more than a colour block for viewers. Outside of my room, tens of thousands of people like me were there.


The little box  2022
pigment ink-jet print
120.0 x 200.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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