2022 Finalists


Artist statement: ‘Moonage daydream’ is from the series Places of worship. This work explores the rare exquisite beauty of the natural world. Nature is non-judgemental, it is free. As queer boys growing up in a world where our differences were constrained and hidden we longed to explore the wild and rare things in themselves that they often marvelled at in the natural world. Our costumes and artistic ethos is escapism. Venturing into magical worlds and detouring from everyday life. Emulating nature, landscapes and the vibrant environments we venture to. Dreaming of worlds both alien, peaceful and unspoilt. Growing up in suburban homogenous places, often feeling isolated, alone and different, this work embodies these feelings and expresses a sense of safety in isolation, on the fringes of places. Places that are beautiful and precious. This photograph invites the viewer to find similar beauty in queer alternative bodies, asking for difference to be marvelled at and worshiped.


Moonage daydream  2022
from the series Places of worship
pigment ink-jet print
76.0 x 106.0 cm
courtesy of the artist and Murray White Room (Melbourne)


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