2018 Finalists

Janina GREEN

Artist statement: I have always used the camera as a sketching tool – an aide de memoir.

As a teacher of art who teaches stylised art history, I often prepared lessons using slide transparencies and magazine pictures. These are still in my possession and they remind me of how much the nature of photography and art reproduction has changed.

Apart from the sheer magic of photography, I am fascinated by its innate recording and illustrating abilities.

This image uses the camera as a device to make work which is active and provisional, capturing something of the process by which thoughts subconsciously unfold. The photograph glues it all together, unifies, flattens and conflates the surface it captures. It ends up being a memorandum of a thought which has already moved on.


Untitled 1  2018
from the series The kindest cut
pigment ink-jet print
79.0 x 50.0 cm
courtesy of the artist and M33 (Melbourne)


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