2018 Finalists


Artist statement: This work is part of an ongoing photo essay of Sudanese refugees living in Australia. I followed Nelson Kur (rock) Deng (rain), an aspiring Human rights lawyer, around Melbourne for two weeks documenting his everyday life. While he has two Australian university scholarships under his belt and has been in Australia for 15 years (more than half his life), he wonders out loud when he will be able to practice as a lawyer and be called ‘Australian’ as opposed to a refugee, an African, Sudanese or South Sudanese. Is Nelson going to stay in the shadows or step out from them? Time will tell …

Photographed in his public housing flat at the time, in Fitzroy in 2017.


Shadow Nelson, Fitzroy, Melbourne  2017
from the series Nelson – an aspiring human rights lawyer, community organiser, South Sudanese refugee & Australian citizen
chromogenic print
59.4 x 84.1 cm
courtesy of the artist


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