2017 Finalists

Christian THOMPSON

Statement: In ‘Purified by fire’ the subject is literally buried beneath, absorbed within, emergent in, the fecund plant life, so that all we can see are the eyes holding the sun and the horizon. In this image human and vegetal merge in a representation of the genius loci. The image recalls the fruit and vegetable portraits of the 16th-century Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, such as his portrait of the Roman god, Vertumnus, the god of seasons, plant growth and change. The plant life in Thompson’s image is sexual, ripe, and his title is a reminder that fire brings about new growth.

– Excerpt from Tracey Warr’s essay, Gazing at Future Horizons, London 2017


Purified by fire  2017
from the series Lake dolly
chromogenic print
120.0 x 120.0 cm
courtesy of the artist and Michael Reid (Sydney + Berlin)


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