2017 Finalists

Chloe DANN

Artist statement: Inherently ambiguous in its manifestation, my interest in food lies within the domestication of nature and its sense of otherness, a source of disruption to the body’s equilibrium. This work is part of a series investigating the symbolic and sensuous nature of the consumed. The images employ tensions embedded within dichotomies that have underpinned culture throughout history, while using surrealism to subvert expectations and generate new perspectives. Referencing the still life alongside the human body, the work explores the carnality and corporeality in our eating habits, and the relationship between nature and culture, concentrating on culture’s triumph over nature through ritual culinary intervention alongside western contemporary notions of propriety.



Chloe DANN
Untitled  2019
from the series Tough to swallow
pigment ink-jet print
100.0 x 66.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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