2017 Finalists


Artist statement: The horizon seen from the coastline of south-coast NSW / Dharawal is the sole intended subject of this photograph. For inhabitants of an island continent, standing on the edge of the continent evokes a multitude of emotions – hope for the future, yearning for the past, excitement for adventure or fear of invasion.

This photograph was made in the surf by using a lens-less pinhole camera, an early form of photographic device based on the camera obscura principles. The long exposure time required by this technique left a blurry impression of the horizon in the distance, contrasted by markings of immediacy and acute physicality made by salt, water and other elements crept into the camera during the exposure. Through my photographic work, I explore interactions between seeing, forgetting, remembering, and imagining and the role photography plays in this process. By imposing a physical boundary between seen and unseen, the horizon often presents itself as a fictitious landscape where ‘unattained realities’ come alive.


Standing on the edge of a continent  2017–19
from the series Standing on the edge of a continent
chromogenic print
80.0 x 60.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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