2017 Finalists

Vivian Cooper SMITH

Artist statement: ‘The stranger (vine leaf)’ is informed by the baroque traditions of still life. Using a custom haptic studio process a vine leaf was re-positioned during a long exposure while being lit by handheld coloured lights. The resulting photograph appears to show the leaf in two places at once. Conventional depictions of space are also further disrupted by the coloured background (constructed from photographic paper) leaving a disorienting and illusory pictorial space. The effect is a ‘strange’ photograph that employs the processes and language of photography in ways that are difficult to identify – much like the figure of the stranger, present but unknown.



Vivian Cooper SMITH
The stranger (vine leaf)  2019
from the series The stranger
chromogenic print
72.0 x 100.0 cm
courtesy of the artist, Blockprojects (Melbourne) and Galerie pompom (Sydney)


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