2017 Finalists

Justine VARGA

Artist statement: Justine Varga’s artistic practice demonstrates a sustained interrogation of what we assume photographs to be, and what we expect them to do. Utilising physical manipulations of the material surfaces she works with, Varga touches, smears and inverts negatives, she layers and overlaps exposures, she retains the visual residue of their processes of becoming.

Convention leads us to believe that the photographic border delineates a fixed edge, a boundary by which the artwork is made separate from the world. We construct borders in order to contain, to rationalise, and to unify. ‘Overlay’, at first glance, contains a profusion of borders. But this first glance misleads, for the image slowly unravels such presumptions, offering us an intricate process of disentanglement.  – Kirsty Baker



Justine VARGA
Overlay  2016–18
from the series Areola
chromogenic print
125.0 x 110.0 cm
courtesy of the artist, Tolarno Galleries (Melbourne) and Hugo Michell Gallery (Adelaide)


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