2017 Finalists

Samantha JADE

Artist statement: My practice investigates how photography can offer non-human entities agency and space to create their own narratives and document lived experiences, exchanges, and world-making processes. I use the organic materiality of film to directly engage with micro and macro-organisms and their associated environments; the processes of consumption, decomposition, and chemical exchange are not just imprinted onto the film surface but become an intrinsic part of the film itself. In this way, I enter into collaboration with these landscapes, offering a kind of authorship and autonomy to their silenced persons. Myself, the film, and non-human persons are in constant conversation, exploring the ways in which photography can facilitate and encourage a form of ecological citizenship between worlds.


Microbial gatherings (silver halide feast) V  2022
from the series Worm farm
dye sublimation print on aluminium
120.0 x 95.0 cm
courtesy of the artist


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