BOWNESS PRIZE 2021: resources

Ask the artist

MGA went to students to find out what they wanted to know from artists in the 2021 Bowness Photography Prize. Listen to the artists responses which delve deeply into the themes, ideas, and processes behind their artworks. Ask the Artist is a great resource for all students but particularly those who are pursuing a visual arts subject in 2022. This resource is presented in 10 parts to give students the opportunity to be inspired by a diverse range of voices and perspectives within contemporary Australian photography.


Kids's activity booklet

Developed by MGA education volunteer, Marjolyn Willis, this activity booklet features questions and activities for primary-aged children to assist them to explore the exhibition and the concepts within in.


Virtual tour

With this 3D tour filmed by Coulter Coulter 3D, we invite you to dive into the exhibition, read the artist statements and revel in this outstanding showcase of contemporary Australian photography. As you wander through the digital space, we encourage you to visit MGA's annual student exhibition TOPshots 2020–21.


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