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  • Making scents – insights into olfactory art with scentsmith Ainslie Walker

Making scents – insights into olfactory art with scentsmith Ainslie Walker

12 February 2023

For the last nine years scent designer Ainslie Walker has collaborated with Tamara Dean to create immersive, sensory experiences for Tamara’s exhibitions. For Leave only footprints Walker created three unique scents: the rich and earthy, petrichor-laden Here and Now; deep and green layered Evergreen, and Transcendence - a high energy blend of citrus florals.

Join Ainslie Walker in this workshop to learn about the world of scent and how she utilises the exciting raw materials of perfumery to paint a picture, enhance art and create an immersive experience.

Ainslie will deconstruct the fragrances she has made for the exhibition and attendees will be able to evaluate the main ingredients of these fragrances while learning about history, extraction methods and other perfume industry secrets.

All attendees can choose a vial of their favourite scent from the exhibition as a room spray to take home.

Workshop includes:

  • Introduction and overview of Ainslie’s practise
  • A guided introduction to the exhibition Leave only footprints
  • Evaluation and discussion of the three fragrances in the exhibition - including how Ainslie and Tamara worked together to create them
  • Evaluating scents
  • Learn about the specific ingredients in the scents on display
  • A vial of your favourite scent from the exhibition
  • Glass of champagne and your questions answered!

Ainslie has been exploring scent since childhood. From early training in aromatherapy and naturopathy, Ainslie moved into product development and the world of perfumery. She has collaborated on extraordinary scented projects with Country Road, Disney, The Strand Arcade, Tamara Dean, Courtesy of the Artist, Aje, Frida Las Vegas, Liz Ham, Mud Australia, MONA, Lark Perfumery, Two Good Co and Carriageworks. She has won the Jasmine Award for her fragrance writing and has been recommended by and featured in titles such as Broadsheet Sydney, Concrete Playground, Good Weekend Magazine, The Australian Financial Review Magazine, Luxury Magazine, The Weekend Australia Magazine and Sydney Morning Herald.

Ainslie's Website

Booking essential by Friday 10 February
Cost: $120 Members discount: 10%
50 participants only
Please note this workshop is not appropriate for children.


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  • Making scents – insights into olfactory art with scentsmith Ainslie Walker
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