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Upcoming Events at MGA

1 January 2013 to 31 March 2013

Welcome to the first calendar of 2013!

You might notice some differences, we've changed the way we categorise events to help you find the type of event you're looking for.

Our new categories are as follows:

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Workshops, clubs, tutorials and meetups.

Those big events you shouldn't miss!

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Interested in an activity that might not be exhibition related? Or just want to hang in our beautiful grounds? Here's the place to look, including our local walking group and musical events.

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This is your opportunity to learn more from guest speakers and staff talks.

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Gallery and Sculpture Park trails and activity sheets, occasional workshops and events.

There are lots of ways to view our events:

> View all the upcoming events in a calendar/date format on this site

> View the events in categories over on issuu (This is particularly great for those of you visiting our site on a mobile device)

> Download a pdf of MGA's hard-copy events calendar (1.3mb .pdf)

> Visit the current exhibitions page on this site, the related upcoming events are linked below the main image

Current Events/Programs

Forthcoming Events/Programs

  • MGA X Artist photography auction
  • MGA’s 30 year anniversary Darkroom Dinner
  • Sharing what matters: LGBTQIA+

Past Events

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