Past Events

  • Photobook Club Melbourne meetup

Photobook Club Melbourne meetup

18 June 2013

7–8.30PM at MGA

Mini-discussion topic: ‘There is something fundamentally human about holding objects’ (photographer Andreas Schmidt). We’ll take a look at paper stock, texture and binding styles. If you’ve got a great or a terrible example we’d love to see it!

WHAT TO BRING? If you have a favourite photobook or two bring them along to share with the group! MGA has partnered with PHOTOBOOKCLUB.ORG to promote and encourage discussion about the photobook format.

We encourage all forms of photobook, whether it’s a compilation of your travels, work of a favourite photographer, or takes the form of an unique artist book, bring it along!


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Forthcoming Events/Programs

  • MGA X Artist photography auction
  • MGA’s 30 year anniversary Darkroom Dinner
  • Sharing what matters: LGBTQIA+

Past Events

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