Past Events

  • Vivian Cooper Smith - Bowness Photography Prize 2014
  • Kate Robertson - Bowness Photography Prize 2014
  • Danica Chappell - Bowness Photography Prize 2014
  • Jessica BRENT - 2014 Bowness Photogaphy Prize
  • Annika Koops - 2014 Bowness Photography Prize

Bowness snapshot | artist talks

14 September 2014

2pm at MGA
Often the photographs selected for the BOWNESS PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE come from a large body of work created over a period of years. Come along and hear more about these works and see the broader picture of these individual photographs.

Artists attending will be:

  • Vivian Cooper Smith
  • Danica Chappell
  • Kate Robertson
  • Annika Koops
  • Jessica Brent

Each of these artists uses a unique process to create their works, these processes are both intriguing and somewhat magical - come along and hear more about it!

FREE event

No bookings required: just pop in!

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Forthcoming Events/Programs

  • MGA X Artist photography auction
  • MGA’s 30 year anniversary Darkroom Dinner
  • Sharing what matters: LGBTQIA+

Past Events

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