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  • Natural Collection - install trestles

Photobook Club Melbourne | Curator's talk

17 February 2015

7–8.30pm at MGA

MGA is currently hosting The Natural Collection. A collection of over 40 photobooks co-curated by Matt Johnston and Lucy Johnson of The Photobook Club (Coventry, UK). 

Join Matt and Lucy (via skype!) and hear more about this wonderful collection that aims to explore the harmony, tension and play that occurs in our relationship with nature and the natural landscape.  

The curators' talk will begin at 7.30pm.

Limited seats, please book by emailing [email protected]


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Forthcoming Events/Programs

  • MGA Education | Teacher PD | Q&A with MGA Director Anouska Phizacklea
  • Director's walk-through: LEGACY. Your collection. Our story.
  • Friends of MGA morning coffee | Living poetry with Nasrin Rasoulzadeh
  • Photobook Club Melbourne meetup
  • Friends of MGA supper talk at the Australian Synchrotron with Dr Kaye Susannah Morgan
  • Photobook Club Melbourne meetup
  • Photobook Club Melbourne meetup

Past Events

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