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'Bring your own archive' to MGA

11 July 2015


Do you have any spools of Super 8 film or old ‘slides’ of family holidays gathering dust in the attic? Bring them along and we’ll project them for you! The Scottish-Australian artists’ collective SCREEN BANDITA bring their participatory, community gathering to Monash Gallery of Art, exploring the analogue image, memory and storytelling. And if you have any old photographs you’d like to share, come and display them in our pop-up gallery during the event!

1-4pm at MGA 

Free event

Bookings encouraged if you wish to share your own archive - spectators welcome to just drop in! 
Please email [email protected] or call 03 8544 0500



Who are Screen Bandita?

Screen Bandita are the Edinburgh and Melbourne-based collective of Lydia Beilby and Leanora Olmi. The duo create live-cinema events using archival, found 8mm and 16mm film, slides and photographs. Through the exploration of the ‘forgotten’ and obsolete elements of photochemical film, the analogue projection medium and visual culture, Screen Bandita forge elemental links with the past, while creating new participatory pieces very much rooted in the present. Within their work they aim to foreground the notion of archives as vibrant, living entities to be constantly reinvigorated, reinterpreted, reinvented and debated.

Leanora Olmi is an artist researcher from the UK, working with photography, film and archive materials. She is currently doing her PhD at Melbourne University where she is exploring the experiences of living in Australian country towns through the communities’ own archives and her own photographic work.

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