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  • Jells Park PhotoWalk : A Sense of the Place | Invitation to Friends of MGA members

Jells Park PhotoWalk : A Sense of the Place | Invitation to Friends of MGA members

17 September 2017


Norm Hanson will be a familiar face to Friends of MGA members, as regular visitor to MGA, longtime Friends of MGA member and artist who has exhibited in the MGA Ramp Gallery.

Norm has been busy organising a series of free photowalks, to which the Friends of MGA are invited to participate. The first of which is coming up in September:



A Sense of the Place
Photowalk #1
This photowalk is a gentle introduction into how artist might use intense observation and how this might help you to make better photographs, a theme that will continue to be explored in further photowalks across the next six months. The walks will be fun and test your creativity.

Meet up at Madeline’s Cafe, Jells Park at 2:00pm.

We will walk down to the lake and back to finish again at Madeline’s, to enjoy a coffee, tea and a chat, Along the way we will have a few stops and discussions about the types of photos to collect to help give a sense of the place (Hint: more than a single snapshot).
Please bring along a small notebook or sketch book to these walks. This might seem a strange tool to improve seeing but hopefully you will find it really helpful. Expect to be asked to draw something (scribble, sketch, doodle, stick figures etc... will be fine). You will also get a secret envelope with three coloured slips each containing a random word (# hashtags) a kind of photographic treasure hunt.

Join us have some fun and stretch your creativity!

Please RSVP by registering online, it’s free!

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