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  • Jells Park PhotoWalk : Seeing in Tones | Invitation to Friends of MGA members

Jells Park PhotoWalk : Seeing in Tones | Invitation to Friends of MGA members

26 November 2017


Norm Hanson will be a familiar face to Friends of MGA members, as a regular visitor to MGA, longtime Friends of MGA member and an artist who has exhibited in the MGA Ramp Gallery.

Norm has been busy organising a series of FREE photowalks, to which the Friends of MGA are invited to participate. 

Seeing in Tones

Photowalk #3
These photowalks are a gentle introduction into how artist might use intense observation and how this might help you to make better photographs, a theme that will continue to be explored in further photowalks across the next six months. The walks will be fun and test your creativity.

2-3.30pm Sunday 26 November
Meet at the Oaks Picnic Ground, access via Jell Park South Gate off Ferntree Gully Rd.

This photowalk will focus being able to see the balance of light and dark values before taking a photo. There will be a quick demo of creating value/tonal composition (or Notan) Sketch.  You will be encouraged to make a value sketch of a simple scene yourself, perhaps using the traditional artist approach of squinting or a simple value scale as an assistant. You will learn a couple of tricks, with your camera, to better see and appreciate how important tone is for understanding shapes, space and composition.

Remember to bring along your sketch pad. Join us have some fun and stretch your creativity!

Please RSVP by registering online, it’s free!


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