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  • Dressing up with Zoë Croggon, Jill Orr and Damien Shen

Dressing up with Zoë Croggon, Jill Orr and Damien Shen

8 February 2020

As necessity or luxury, to integrate or rebel, in freedom or oppression, dress is the nexus of selfhood. Shaping and shaped by the individual, our clothes can conceal, reveal and transform who we are. Dressing up: clothing and camera draws together photographs from MGA's collection that feature dress or clothing as a significant element in their making.

Exploring the role of the body, costume and the performative act of presenting oneself to the world via the camera, the exhibition also roves across different modes of storytelling and image-making. Drawing out this curatorial thread for discussion we've invited three MGA collection artists to join us for a conversation with MGA Associate Curator Dr Gareth Syvret.

Each of these artists work with photographs captured by someone else. Croggon's photographers' identities are concealed, as she cuts and rearranges found photographs in her fragmented imagery of the body, fabric and architectural forms. For Shen and Orr, the photographer is both collaborator and witness of their culturally and politically-charged performances, representing gesture and the passage of time.

Join us and discover more about these unique image makers. FREE event, all welcome. RSVP for seating purposes.

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