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  • Memories of trees | Photowalk with Norm Hanson

Memories of trees | Photowalk with Norm Hanson

23 July 2022

Saturday 10am - 12pm
Meet at Madeline's Cafe, Jells Park

Join us for a leisurely Saturday morning photowalk with photographer Norm Hanson.

Trees are an often an overlooked subject for photography. In this photowalk, Norm will guide participants in beautifully capturing trees in photographs and considering different viewpoints. The session will challenge photographers to avoid depicting the typical symbol of tree-ness and promote observation using a couple of Betty Edwards style challenges. Warmup activities will include finding your symbolic tree and looking for negative spaces that defines the subject

Memories of Trees is an easy walk around the treed areas in Jell Park, Starting outside Madeline's Cafe. 

Trees are large so if you have a choice of lens. standard or slightly wide angle best.

Norm will be presenting frequent photowalks with MGA, each with a different focus/theme. Open to people of ages and all skill levels. No experience required, just a camera and some enthusiasm.

BYO camera.

This is event will go ahead in most weather conditions, but will be postponed if deemed unsafe for participants.
Wear appropriate clothing and shoes for walking in the weather present on the day.

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