Past Exhibitions

TOPSHOTS: Outstanding photomedia work from VCE Art, Media and Studio Arts students

17 July 2012 to 26 August 2012

It's TOPshots! time again!

This annual exhibition celebrates the best of the photomedia work produced by graduating students of the past year. In this exhibition we'll be displaying the work of the students of 2011. We'll also be displaying their process workbooks and visual diaries so you can see their progress from concept to final work and all the trials inbetween.

Each year MGA receives over a hundred images from VCE Art, Media & Studio Arts students (and in 2011 we also called for entries from IB Visual Arts).
The TOPshots! 2011 selected artists are:

Courtney Border - Berwick Secondary College
Jessica Bradtke - Upwey High School
Sarah Branton - Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School
Lisa Davies - Upwey High School
Kate Dickeson - Mater Christi College
Hope Dyson - Melbourne Girls Grammar School
Yasmeen Hassan - St Margaret's School
Alex Ly - Nazareth College
Ashleigh McGregor - Avila College
Emily Nelson - Methodist Ladies' College
Jae O'Donnell - Monbulk College
Isabelle Page - Toorak College
Bonnie Robinson - Princes Hill Secondary College
Jessica Sanders - Beaconhills College (Pakenham Campus)
Monica Sutrisna - Nazareth College
Daniel Sutton Preece - Princes Hill Secondary College
Annabelle Thompson - Melbourne Girls Grammar School
Rudi Williams - Caulfield Grammar School (Caulfield Campus)
Sophie Ymer - Upwey High School
Gita Zimmermann - St Margaret's School

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