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7 February 2013 to 28 April 2013

What does peace look like?

We all know what war looks like. We see images of it every day in the media. But we don’t really know what peace looks like. Or at least, peace has never captured our imagination in the way that war has. War is easy to represent; Peace seems much more difficult.

Is peace merely the absence of war? Does it only exist because it has such a strong counter-point in human conflict? How to make it more than fleeting? These are the questions that drive this exhibition of photographs by the Degree South collective of photographers.


16 FEBRUARY 2013

°SOUTH photographers Michael Coyne and Ben Bohane will be at MGA from 2PM to chat about their experience of 'What peace looks like' from their assignments around the world.

Then iconic Australian actor Jack Thompson, AM will open MGA’s upcoming exhibition PEACE on Saturday 16 February 2013 at 3.00pm.

Thompson will discuss his own peace-making experiences when, as the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in the 1990s, he made a documentary film about the lives of Cambodian children displaced by the Khmer Rouge. With his good friend, the late photographer Peter Carrette, Thompson helped establish a child protection agency called ‘Krousar Thmey’ (’new family’ in Khmer) that enabled the lost children of ‘Site II’ (the largest refugee camp in the world at the time) to return to their homeland of Cambodia.

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