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The Photobook Club's Natural Collection

6 January 2015 to 1 March 2015

MGA is hosting The Natural Collection (UK) a thematic collection of over 40 photobooks that explore the harmony, tension and play that occur in our relationship with nature and the natural landscape.

These works offer contemplation and meditation on our presence walking through landscapes (Paul Gaffney’s The path is made by walking), the rhythm and flow that a collective of birds reveals (Lukas Felzmann’s Swarm), the memory of landscapes (Sandra Vitaljic‘s Infertile grounds) and many other interplays that we might recognise as everyday or sublime. It is the intention of this broad collection not to comment but encourage thinking and response.

Whilst you will see some photobooks that have had the support of a large publishing house, many of these books are self-published by the artist or with small independent publishers. The nature of small and self-publishing is that the books are often produced in small numbered editions, from single volumes to a run of 150 or more. Artists choose to present these books in many different formats, from pocket-sized folded zines to hand-bound hardcopies. They may include unique packaging like fragile paper bags and removable paper wraps, or feature tipped-in images and loose inclusions like postcards or small prints. The unique nature of many of these books is what makes them so loved and in some cases highly coveted.

Often with book collections (photobooks, artists books or other), the books will be presented in perspex cases or glass vitrines, out of reach of the visitor to prolong their lifespan. However a constant aim for the Photobook Club and therefore this collection is that books are handled, enjoyed and explored so with that in mind there are just two books presented here in a display case, which will be available to view a the next Photobook Club Melbourne meetup due to their unbound nature and delicate packaging.

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