Past Exhibitions

Australian exotica

16 April 2016 to 29 May 2016

Ever since the fifteenth century, when European cartographers began including the contour of Terra Australis Incognita (‘The unknown land of the south’) in their speculative maps of the globe, the continent of Australia has been thought of as an exotic place.

This characterisation of Australia as a land down under, where things are out of the ordinary and colourfully unconventional, remains a key feature of our national identity.

In this latest collection show from MGA, we showcase a range of photographic work that engages with the theme of exotic antipodes. For many contemporary artists, this European vision is something that needs to be subverted and critiqued. For others, the idea of living in an eccentric environment continues to inspire a distinctively Australian sense of place.

Artists include: Tony ALBERT, Brook ANDREW, Eric BRIDGEMAN, Bindi COLE CHOCKA, Michael COOK, Paul COX, Destiny DEACON, Peter DOMBROVSKIS, Marian DREW, Fiona FOLEY, Charmaine HARDY, Rebecca Ann HOBBS, Dianne JONES, Leah KING-SMITH, Christopher KÖLLER, Rosemary LAING, Joseph McGLENNON, Tracey MOFFATT, Polixeni PAPAPETROU, Patricia PICCININI, Alberto SANCHEZ, Darren SIWES, Robyn STACEY, Christian THOMPSON, Michael WILLIAMS, Bronwyn WRIGHT and Anne ZAHALKA.

Current Exhibitions

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  • About face: are you a boy or a girl?

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  • 100 faces: the Harris, Rosenthal and MGA collections

Past Exhibitions

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  • Exulansis
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Travelling Exhibitions

  • Forevermore
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  • The light fades but the gods remain | Bill Henson
  • Robyn Stacey: as still as life

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